A volunteer’s testimony

A volunteer’s testimony

Fellow Members and Volunteers,

Yesterday (3/16/2015) I had the opportunity to help build the wheel chair ramps in Smyrna.

This is what I learned.

1.  It is impossible to spend an afternoon with Gary, Chuck and Ken without learning something.  I saw Gary do things with a circular saw that I would of thought impossible.  I believe he could carve a wood statue with his circular saw.

2.  Chuck is a master at building.   How blessed are we to have him.

3.  I found out that it was Ken’s birthday and he was going out to dinner with his wife when we finished the ramps.  What an inspiration to all of us that he gave his time so unselfishly.

4.  It is impossible to feel the stress of this world when working on Global Accord projects.  Within minutes of arriving at the work site I felt the stress of a Monday at work melt away.

I would like to encourage all members and volunteers to get involved with future projects.  All of us have areas of expertise and skills that need to be shared.

Bill Crick