Photo Gallery

Christs hands at work

These are the images of the faces and places that God has given Global Accord the opportunity to share the Gospel, grow our skills /character and serve others through construction projects, providing meals and helping others during difficult times. The volunteers of Global Accord are the obedient hands of Christ touching the lives of others in our world. We are blessed to have these opportunities and hope that you will be inspired by these photos and join our mission to serve others in God’s Kingdom.

In the fall of 2014, Global Accord headed out to Leslie County, to serve Big Creek Missions, a ministry to the residents in the mountains of eastern KY. Their building needed renovation of its windows and HVAC systems that were causing enormous utility bills, funds much needed for other ministry work. With the help of many volunteers and donated materials and funding, Global Accord was able to Deploy Hope to Big Creek Missions and the communities they serve by installing new energy efficient walls, windows, and heat pumps.

Right Road Ministries needed an entrance to one of their men’s housing units. The old steps had rotted away and it was creating a dangerous situation for going in and out of the building. After the mission had raised the funds for materials, Global Accord stepped in and constructed not only new steps but a nice platform deck for the men to enjoy the outside environment.
This may not seem like a big deal to repair steps to a building, but to the men at this mission, which struggles to make ends meet, the process of sharing a work day with them and extending God’s care for those who are recovering from broken lives is priceless. 

Over Thanksgiving weekend in 2014, 12 volunteers repaired Mr Danny’s roof that was leaking in several places. Mr. Danny has given so much to others in his lifetime and it was a blessing to be able to show him some love by repairing his old roof.

Global Accord believes in training! From certifications to skill knowledge, we believe in doing things right–the safe way. Providing necessary house or facility repairs, rescue skills during disaster situations or discipleship education, Global Accord trains its members and volunteers in the community to equip and prepare them for response.

Chainsaw training day:

Global Accord volunteers were able to give Kathy some freedom by building two wheelchair ramp accesses into her home.

22 Global Accord volunteers have given more than 200 hours to Deploy Hope to this owner.  He had fallen through the kitchen and hall floor in 4 different places.  The floor under the front door was damaged to the point that the exterior door would not close.  His kitchen sink and faucet had not worked for more than 5 years.

Global Accord volunteers responded to a much needed renovation for the Activity Building at Intentional Intimacy International‘s Clear View Retreat.  Trees that created the damage were removed, the roof and deck rails repaired, the building rewired, new flooring and ceiling installed and many other small projects were completed.

A church planting evaluation team went to Cuba in November and met with 7 pastors and missionaries in the Santiago area. Interviews were conducted and information was collected from each one. Global Accord will be soliciting support from churches, small groups, and individuals to assist these pastors in winning Cuba for Christ.

On Saturday, December 26, Global Accord, deployed a chainsaw recovery team of 12 volunteers to Linden, TN to assist in the recovery efforts following the violent storms and tornado on Wednesday evening, December 23. The team assisted home owners with recovery and sorting of personal effects and with the removal of trees and limbs that obstructed access to their properties. Almost every home was totally demolished and the residents lost everything they owned other than the clothes they were wearing. Two residents also lost their lives. The team was made up of 8 volunteers from Rutherford County: Barbara Adkerson, Tom Casey, David Peterman, Ash Sealy, Wendell Sealy, Ken Sheffield, Danny Smith, and Matt Studd; 2 volunteers from Linden, Loyd and Loyd Alan Warf, and 2 volunteers from New Johnsonville, TN, Bill and Benjamin Lowe.

On February 27th, Global Accord, deployed a maintenance team of 14 volunteers to Big Creek Missions in Eastern Kentucky.  Repairs were made in several buildings on the campus.  The team also visited the new coffee shop and food bank in Hyden.  What a blessing to serve this mission and community.

On June 25, Global Accord, hosted more than 200 guests who enjoyed a wonderful meal of fish, hushpuppies, french fries, cornbread, white beans, meatballs, philly steak, and a variety of desserts.  It was a fabulous meal and a successful fundraiser for Global Accord.  Thanks to all who came and supported us.  Your donations allow us to continue to deploy Hope locally and around the world.

November 3-6, Global Accord and Marietta FBC Marietta, SC assisted Big Creek Missions in the demolition of the old boiler room and bathroom building to prepare for construction of a new reception center, bathrooms, showers, and laundry facility.

Toys were delivered this morning (Dec 15th) at 8:00am to Rotary International of Gatlinburg TN. They are set up in a closed down “5&10 grocery and hardware” store. Preparing for the parents of families that lost everything including their jobs in the wildfires. These parents will shop at NO charge for Christmas gifts for their children. Rotary’ spokesperson, Megan Ownby said that by Tuesday of next week all items donated would be in the hands of these families, leaving their facility empty.
On behalf of Megan and the some 200 families that will receive these much needed gifts thanks the members of Riverdale Baptist Church in Murfreesboro TN and the folks at Global Accord in Smyrna TN.
Serving this morning with my wife Jicey, Kevin G.from First Baptist Concord & KNOX County Sheriffs Dept., along with Gary C. also from FB Concord & head of CRI Ministries in Nicaragua was a blessing to be a blessing!
Thank you for this opportunity and we look forward to helping again in the future.
God’s Peace & Love,

Global ACCORD was glad to help with pouring concrete for the new shower/bathroom building.

Global Accord volunteers responded to another request for a much needed laundry room in the quad at Clear View Retreat.  Trees that threatened damage to buildings were also removed.