GLOBAL ACCORD is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization.  Our purpose is fourfold:  to demonstrate God’s love to others through the work of volunteers, to procure and maintain the resources and training necessary to be able to respond to certain disaster situations and other interruptions to normal patterns of life, to enable mission activities, and within the organization’s resources, to facilitate services that meet human needs. 

We network volunteers to provide disaster recovery services during times of natural disaster.  We train and dispatch qualified volunteers to assist during hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, ice storms, and other natural disasters.

We also assist individuals and other ministry based nonprofit organizations by networking volunteers to provide labor for needed services.  For approved projects, we may provide the financial infrastructure for collecting donations.  

Global Accord operates solely on donations and we stretch every dollar by having no paid staff, keeping our administration expenses to a bare minimum, and pursuing discount purchases or donations of materials from suppliers.

Our mission is to network, train, and deploy volunteers who want to share Hope with someone who needs it. 

Do you have a heart for helping those in need?  VOLUNTEER to help.  There is no greater blessing than helping someone who is in need of a helping hand.

Do you have an idea for a non-profit ministry that needs help getting started?  Talk with us.  We are here to help.

HOPE may have many forms:

– It may be having physical needs met arising from natural disasters.
– A home repair related to safety, accessibility, or habitability, not able to be realized without help.
– It may be supporting local community ministries.
– It may be something much more personal.  It may come from having a marriage strengthened that has suffered hard times, or  
– It could be reaching out to an entire village or community that needs to hear about the saving love of Jesus Christ.