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At the heart of Global Accord is PEOPLE
people who Deploy Hope.

Your mission field may be in a foreign country, or

it may be helping in the local community.  

GA has opportunities for you to serve globally and locally.  

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How to volunteer:

There are no requirements for volunteering other than submitting some information including your name, a phone number, and valid email address.  As a volunteer, you will periodically receive emails soliciting help or describing a need.  If it is something that you are interested in or able to help with, you should reply to the email or contact the leader for that service project as directed in the email.  You may request to be removed from the distribution list at any time.

Many ways to serve.

Although much of our work may seem to be on chainsaw recovery teams or construction teams, there are actually many other support aspects required to make these responses possible.  There is an office/meeting/storage area that must be cleaned and maintained periodically.  Donations of materials or goods must be picked up, inventoried, and delivered to our office.  Our equipment must be loaded and unloaded for each project or response.  Many times we need box lunches for volunteers working on disaster relief or other projects.  We use volunteers to help fix the lunches and for delivery (local projects).  There are many other needs in the community that we may attempt to meet that are not related to disaster relief or a building project.  For example, in November, we received a request to help supply sleeping bags for the homeless population of Murfreesboro.  Global Accord sent out an email and collected, laundered, and delivered sleeping bags to another ministry.  It took volunteers to pick up donated sleeping bags, others to launder them, and still others to deliver them.  There are many ways to serve in addition to disaster response or other projects.

Global Accord respects your privacy.

We will distribute emails via a distribution list using blind carbon copy (BCC) so that your email address remains private.  Global Accord officers and the team leader for a project that you volunteer for are the only persons with access to the information that you submit.  Global Accord will never sell, distribute, or divulge your personal information to any entity except as required by law.

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